Varovanie o responzívnosti.

Feel like bringing
tent to your favourite
festival again ?

Traveling with tent and having a few extra kilos in your baggage?
Are you tired of building, and going through the hassle with lost pins and
poles? Are you just fed up of grueling packing, cleaning, and ventilating afterwards?
Tent Inn has the perfect
solution just for you.

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About Tent Inn

save your time, nerves, energy and enjoy the festival with friends

Tent Inn provides rest and housing zones at festivals and events, at which the number of visitors exceeds the lodging capacities. We bring the comfort of quality relaxation without any hassle. All a person needs to do is reserve a place and forget all other worries.

Tent Inn’s standard is to provide you with maximum comfort. We not only have handy tents, equipped with foam sleeping pads and blankets, but also a willing and pleasant tent-service, which can wake you up in time for the show of your favorite artist.

No extra weight in
your baggage. Carry less
and feel comfortable

No need to buy
or borrow your own tent

No hassle with building the tent. Spend time having fun with friends

No need to demount, wash, ventilate or pack the tent back home

Our Tents

Book a Tent Inn tent, and all you are left to deal with is having fun.
A built tent equipped with a foam sleeping pads and blanket will be waiting
for you at your favorite festival.

Guaranteed minimum
size of tent in cm.

Past Events


Bažant Pohoda /SK


FM4 Frequency /AT
Sziget /HU
Bažant Pohoda /SK
Urban Art Forms (AUT)
Novarock /AT


Grape Festival /SK
Žákovic Open /SK
Top Fest /SK
FM4_Frequency /AT
Rock For People /CZ
Bažant Pohoda /SK
Novarock /AT
Urban Art Forms /AT


Grape Festival /SK
Summerbeach Rudava /SK
Pleasure Island /CZ
Top Fest /SK
Rock For People /CZ
Bažant Pohoda /SK


Bažant Pohoda /SK
Summerbeach Rudava /SK


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